Waste collection is the first obligation in achieving waste management.

As the amount of waste produced daily in both very busy city areas, and in various industries, is overwhelming, it is imperative to reuse and recycling.

Our company is interested in long term cooperation with various generators, collectors and / or recovered from all over the country.

From our point of Draghiceni work, collect the following groups of waste:

Plastic type:

  • Thermoplastics, which pass through repeated heating condition plastics (polystyrene, polymethacrylate, celluloid, polyamide, polyvinyl chloride). Parts made ​​of these materials are obtained by pressing and casting, with high productivity.
  • Thermosetting, which do not pass through repeated heating able plastic (polystyrene unsaturated resins fenolfolmaldehidice, and so on). parts then processed by pressure.

Glass type:

  • Ordinary glass (sodium or potassium glass)
  • Crystal (lead glass)
  • Jena glass, Pyrex or Duran

Paper, Cardboard.