To achieve its objectives, the company was organized so that all activities contribute to the achievement of quality products / services and to achieve environmental performance to be under control. This control works rather proactive and not reactive.

The main objectives of the whole organization calităţiii are set by top management, including those needed to meet requirements related to the product.
Organization established objectives considering legal requirements and other requirements relating to the environment, identified significant environmental aspects, its technological options and financial, as well as the views of interested parties. 

Organization to establish and maintain means of identification of environmental aspects associated with products, processes, services or activities as well as for determining significant environmental aspects in normal, abnormal and emergency situations.

High-level management focuses mainly on:
- Customer orientation, leading to the identification and customer satisfaction and the desire to overcome them;
- Leadership by providing an internal environment in which staff are involved to achieve the objectives;
- Staff involvement, which is the essence of the organization;
- Mutually beneficial supplier relationships based on understanding the interdependence of partners in order to achieve a lasting success;
- Effective management of risks to the organization;
- Providing the structure and resources necessary to achieve stakeholder satisfaction;
- Considering the environmental impact of activities in the organization.