Because we want to support all the peoples interested in knowing the enviroment legislation, we will show you these regulations :

Guide to finance waste management program, including hazardous waste and closure of landfills (2010).

No.16/2001 emergency ordinance on solid waste management.
Law no. 137 of 29 December 1995 Environmental Protection Law (republished in the Official Gazette. No. 70 of 17 February 2000).

Emergency Ordinance no. 78/2000 on waste (M.Of.nr. 283 of 22 June 2000) approved with amendments by Law no. 426/2001 (Official Gazette No. 411 of 25 July 2001) as amended by Emergency Ordinance no. 61/2006, approved by Law no. 27/2007 (Official Gazette no. 38/18 .01. 2007).

Government Decision no. 1470/2004 on the approval of the National Waste Management Strategy and National Waste Management Plan (M.Of.nr. 954 of 18 October 2004), amended by GD no. 358/2007 (Official Gazette 271/24. 04. 2007).

Government Decision no. 155/1999 on the introduction of waste management records and the European Waste Catalogue.

Government Decision no. 856/2002 on waste management records and to approve the list of waste, including hazardous waste (Official Gazette no 659/5.09.2002), which repealed the GD 155/1999
H.G. no. 349/2005 on the landfill of waste (Official Gazette No. 394 of 10 May 2005).

Ministerial Order no. 757/2004 for the approval of Technical Norms Landfill (Official Gazette No. 86 of 26 January 2005), amended by Order no. 1230/2005 amending Annex in MO. 757/2004 for the approval of Technical Norms Landfill (Official Gazette No. 1101 of December 7, 2005).

Ministerial Order no. 95/2005 on establishing acceptance criteria and preliminary waste acceptance procedures for storage and the national list of waste accepted in each class of landfill (Official Gazette No. 194 of March 8, 2005).